sturmabteilungbrandt [Stab]

The UK and Europe's premier WW1 German re-enactment group - and the only one specialising in and portraying German shock/assault troops from the period 1914-1918

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Sturmabteilungbrandt [stab] - which, in english, means Assault Detachment brandt - portrays an assault pioneer unit at the forefront of action during the Great war - stab is recreated by a group that uniquely portrays the frontline/wartime german army from world war one


As the war moves into a new phase, so we have developed new ways to fight. We have upgraded our MG08/15. This is now fitted with Trommelmagazin, which will allow 'walking-fire'. Stielhandgranaten have been improved - Geballte Ladungen have been added. More pistols and Kar98 have been added to our arsenal. We shall be using the Kleif on more occaisions. The wheeled Minenwerfer will be used much more as a flat-trajectory weapon to destroy strongpoints and other positions and also to counter the new threat from enemy tanks.

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